Everlux Maritime e-News 6

February 2019

We are now well in to 2019 but the Everlux team would still like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year!

There are many plans to unfold in this editorial but please allow us to make a brief retrospective of our activities in the marine and offshore market in 2018. In terms of projects, 2018 brought us increased experience in delivering and installing our signs in a diversified range of vessels. From these, we highlight the installation of the Everlux Low Location Lighting System at the Almudaina Dos from Transmediterránea and the production and supply of the safety signs for the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

This newsletter contains a complete article on the Almudaina Dos project. In this article you will have the opportunity to read a detailed report on the Everlux involvement in this project and how Everlux can help you with your safety signage project, from design through installation. If you wish to jump to that article, please click here.

The East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm is located in the North Sea. It is comprised by 102 wind turbines distributed in an area of 300km². The total investment in the development of this project is nearly € 3 Billion. It has an installed power capacity of 714 MW and will provide clean energy to 600,000 homes starting in 2020. Everlux is proud to have been selected to supply the safety signs for this trailblazing project.

Last year was also a busy year for the Everlux technicians whom have covered the globe to provide the company services, namely the Onboard Luminance readings service of Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting systems.

In terms of industry events, Everlux was again engaged in many market actions from which we would like to highlight our participation at SMM 2018.

At SMM 2018 we had the opportunity to meet the majority of our worldwide clients, potential clients, to mingle with industry current connections as well as to make new connections, to display our products and to be involved in the development of the maritime and offshore market. We are very happy with the turnout of our participation at SMM 2018 and once again thank everyone whom have contributed to such a successful event.

And with this quick summary on our experience at SMM 2018, let’s us close 2018 and jump to unveiling what we are planning for 2019!

Everlux embraced the new year in full throttle as these first weeks have been crucial in finalizing complete signage installations and kicking-off other installations in a few current projects which are due for delivery in the next months. We will tell you more details about these projects in future communications… please bear with us!

Regarding regulations applicable to marine safety signs, January 1st 2019 brought in to effect IMO Resolution A.1116(30), adopted on 5 December 2017 – Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings. This will imply some changes in the safety signs used onboard which shall be implemented throughout this year. We have prepared a complete article on IMO Resolution A.1116(30), which in this edition of the newsletter, replaces the section "IMO signs explained” but, given the timing, we believe it was a pertinent replacement. You can read this article here.

This year will also be an eventful one in terms of industry participations from conferences to exhibitions all round the globe there will be plenty of opportunities for direct interaction with the Everlux team. From these, we would like to highlight our participation at Sea Asia 2019 and Seatrade Europe.

Sea Asia 2019 will be held in Singapore from the 9th to the 11th of April. Sea Asia is an anchor event for the maritime and offshore markets in Asia and we look forward to be once again part of it.

Seatrade Europe will be held in Hamburg between September 11th – 13th. This is a Cruise & River Cruise Convention two segments where Everlux is gaining significant experience at and we couldn’t be more delighted for our second consecutive involvement in this event.
2019 is underway, let’s navigate it enthusiastically and safely! We look forward to meeting you at one of our common ports this year!