IMO signs explained

In the second article of the "IMO signs explained” series we will feature the livesaving appliance sign for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons also known as EPIRBs:

An EPIRB is used to alert search and rescue authorities in the event of an emergency and can be activated either manually or automatically when the device comes in contact with water. These appliances work with satellite systems and provide global coverage. EPIRBs produce a coded message that identifies the exact vessel the appliance is registered to and that allows the satellite to determine its position.

According to COSPAS-SARSAT data, in 2013 about 1500 people were rescued at sea with the assistance of alerts provided by EPIRBs.

The EPIRB IMO symbol is specified by IMO Resolution A.760 (18), ISO 17631, ISO 24409 and ISO 7010. This marine safety sign integrates the lifesaving systems and appliances signs (LSS) category and its function is to indicate the location of an EPIRB. Its image content contain the graphic representation of an EPIRB with flash.

When identified with the S0219 high luminance Everlux photoluminescent sign the location of the EPIRB will be known to the crew and will be easier to identify if needed in any circumstances even in a complete blackout situation.