Everlux maritime e-News 2

July 2013

The long and warm summer days are already here! This makes us wonder how come the first six months of 2013 have gone by so quickly! Gladly, we at Everlux have been very busy with the Marine and Offshore markets throughout this first half of the year and this may be the reason why we didn't notice time flying by.

As announced by the previous e-News back in February, Everlux have participated for the first time in Sea Asia. The Everlux booth at this event had a very attractive graphic design and a key element which has attracted many visitors – the simulation dark room. This element demonstrated the very high luminance performance of the Everlux signs when in complete blackout situations and increased the awareness of the visitors for the benefits of photoluminescent safety signage systems onboard.

Apart from Sea Asia 2013, Everlux have also been represented in other important trade shows such as Nor-Shipping in Norway and SeaWorks in the UK.

The Everlux Maritime website, www.everluxmaritime.com, has been updated several times either with the addition of new safety signs and features to its digital catalogue as well as with many highlights containing relevant information to the industry. The Everlux digital catalogue is now featuring the description of the meaning of each sign and whenever applicable their IMPA code. Still on the Everlux digital catalogue, similarly to the Everlux paper catalogue, this is now featuring ColorADD – color identification system for colorblind people. The adoption of ColorADD allowed for a new organization of the chapters of the catalogues by sign color and therefore contributing for a more effective and inclusive safety signage communication.

The search tool available in the website has also been enhanced and is now even more powerful. We encourage you to test this tool, specifically when you need to search for a specific sign and don't want to browse through the complete catalogue. Search results by sign descriptions and standard identification codes are impressive. Obviously, we believe in continuous improvement and therefore would love to hear from you if you feel that this feature can still be improved.

The first half of 2013 has also seen the launch of the mobile version of the Everlux Maritime website that will run on every smart phone and includes the main features of the desktop version.

All of these improvements contributed for an even better user experience when visiting the Everlux Maritime website which is resulting in continuously growing daily, weekly and monthly traffic

Looking forward, we are proud to be exhibiting for the second consecutive time at IMPA London, the London Maritime Event for Purchasing & Supply that will be held on the 11th and 12th of September 2013. Closer to the event, we will send you an invitation to come visit us and experience the Everlux booth. Meanwhile, if you require more information please visit www.impalondon.com.

There are many planned new Everlux releases for the second half of the year. One of them is an innovation that we are very enthusiastic about as it will ease the task of safety signage surveys and will surely contribute for increased safety onboard. For now we reserve a detailed disclosure of these releases for a later stage in the year when the timing is perfectly right but we promise that this will not take long!

We hope that you enjoy reading the articles in this e-News edition and we wish you a wonderful Summer!