Almudaina Dos – Transmediterránea with Everlux Low Location Lighting System

Almudaina Dos is a high-speed ferry which connects Almeria with several different North African Ports as well as with the Balearic Islands. It has the capacity for 714 passengers and 175 cars.

This vessel is now featuring the Everlux Low Location Lighting system, a project that exemplifies the value-added approach of Everlux from the beginning. The first step of this process was to survey the Fire and Safety Plan of the vessel and to develop the LLL project using the Everlux software tool - Everlux maritime project.

This allowed to create the bill of quantities for the products needed which was a quick solution to provide an estimation to the client supported with the relevant documentation.
The second step of the process was to perform an onboard survey of the vessel, which was anchored in Almeria, to confirm the bill of quantities for the signs required.

Captain Henrique with Juan Carlos and José Luis from Mascyf
Installation of the photoluminescent discs with directional chevrons on the aisle side of the passenger seats

The final stage of this project was the installation of the Everlux Low Location Lighting System which was done by the technicians of our local client Mascyf assisted by an Everlux technician.

Photoluminescent strips installation

Photoluminescent discs with directional chevrons

The photoluminescent strips are adjustable to different surfaces, including round columns

Photoluminescent L’s to mark the edges of the steps

In total, 350 linear meters of photoluminescent strips, nearly 60 L’s and over 250 discs have been installed to mark the evacuation routes onboard the Almudaina Dos.

Everlux and Mascyf are proud to have been selected to supply and install this Low Location Lighting system, for a job well done and to contribute for the safety of all passengers of the Almudaina Dos!