Everlux Project Maritime

Project Maritime Software Tool – Everlux Maritime

Everlux Project Maritime is a software designed to support you in the development of safety signage and Low Location Lighting [LLL) projects for the Maritime and Offshore markets.

This tool has been developed to facilitate the identification of safety signage requirements and to reduce the installation time. In fact, the Everlux Project Maritime tool facilitates the most adequate selection of safety signs and provides installation companies with the right technical documentation, ensuring that the safety signs that are projected will be correctly installed on board.

Everlux Project Maritime includes a library with all IMO Resolutions and SOLAS convention symbols and is available in two different versions: an AutoCAD application (v2.5) and an independent application (v2.5i). In terms of hardware, both versions can be used with 64-bit processors.
  • The 2.5 version works on AutoCAD (post-2012 versions except for AutoCAD LT) and after its installation will automatically generate a toolbar with the Everlux Project Maritime menu.
  • The 2.5i version is an independent application that allows the use of image files (type *.dxf; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.png] as the basis for the safety signage project.

If you need assistance with the installation process, please contact us.