IMO signs explained

The third article on this rubric is focused on the "Emergency Source of Power (battery)” sign. 

This symbol was initially introduced by IMO Resolution A.952(23) and ISO 17631 and falls under the category of safety and operating instructions for trained personnel – SIS – as defined by ISO 24409. This sign is used to mark the location of the Emergency Source of Power from batteries so that it can be readily identified by crew members and fire-fighters. When needed, crew members and fire-fighters must isolate them for electrical safety or connect them to the emergency circuits.

An emergency source of electrical power is separate generator or battery which supplies the electric power for emergency needs. When the main power supply fails, this equipment is essential to feed critical navigation and emergency equipment onboard such as the steering gear, the emergency lighting system, the navigation lights, the fire detecting and alarming system, the internal communication equipment and the daylight signaling lamp and ship’s whistle.

When identified with the Everlux S1307 high luminance sign, it will be easier to locate the Emergency Source of Power (battery), even in a complete blackout situation.