New products featured in the Everlux Photoluminescent Maritime Safety Signs

As you have already read in the editorial, Everlux has just released the new version of its catalogue for the maritime and offshore markets – Everlux Photoluminescent Maritime Safety Signs.

This catalogue features the following new products:

- Safety signs for super yachts; and
- Anti-splashing tape.

Safety signs for super yachts

The Everlux safety signs for super yachts are available in smaller dimensions and include life-saving appliance, fire, mandatory and prohibition signs according to the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2). This assortment of signs is divided in two sub-ranges: regular Everlux signs and Excellence by Everlux signs.

The regular Everlux signs are available in 50x50mm photoluminescent 1.2mm thick rigid plastic and self-adhesive photoluminescent vinyl.

The Excellence by Everlux series is a differentiated product which will be the ideal solution for highly exclusive interiors. These signs are available in 50x50mm stainless steel, transparent and opaque acrylic glass. The major peculiarity of this product is the use of colored pigments which allow the pictogram and the colors of the signs to be visible in the dark.

Excellence by Everlux is a safety signage solution that creates an harmonious co-exhistence between the sign elements and the upscale environment, emphasizing on the aesthetics and decorative style of the vessels. The structure of every Excellence by Everlux sign is comprised with top quality and innovative materials.

Anti-splashing tape

Our Anti-splashing tape was designed to prevent leaks in pipeline installations and to protect against splashing of fuel oil, lube oil and other flammable oils. This tape is manufactured in accordance with SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 2004, Chapter II-2/Regulation 4, item

This tape is available in various sizes and the adhesive agent is covered by a separator film to ensure an easy installation.

Aluminium foils are superimposed on both sides of the glass woven cloth together with a special acrylic adhesive agent to form a laminate structure.

The tape has the ship classification societies' logos printed on its surface to ensure the market of its full compliance with SOLAS Regulations.

Tape components and specifications:

Size availability: