On board luminance measurement service of photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL) systems

According to SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) 2004, all passenger ships with a capacity to carry a minimum of 36 passengers must have a Low Location Lighting (LLL) system installed identifying the escape routes. The LLL system can be Electrically Powered (EP LLL) or Photoluminescent (PL LLL).

SOLAS/II-2/14 "Operational readiness and maintenance” requires a maintenance plan in order to ensure that the LLL systems installed on board will be effective when most needed – during an emergency. In this article we will briefly cover the requirements for PL LLL system maintenances focusing on its critical point – the 5 year luminance measurement tests as IMO Resolution A.752(18).

A correct action plan for the maintenance of a PL LLL system includes regular and periodical actions. The regular actions are defined as weekly visual checks and replacements if any components of the system are missing or inoperable. All checks and eventual component replacements must be recorded in the PL LLL maintenance Log.

To complement the regular maintenance actions, PL LLL luminance tests should be performed at least every 5 years. These readings should be taken on board by a competent entity using calibrated instrumentation.

The competence to perform on-board measurements is certified by classification bodies such as DNV, BV, ABS, LR, etc… These bodies, also known as the surveyor, are the authority on the performance of the PL LLL luminance tests being the ultimate decision maker on the number and location of the readings needed for each test. Normally, the number of readings per PL LLL luminance test will depend on the number of decks, general lighting conditions and the diversity of photoluminescent products in the vessel.

The standard procedures for the on board luminance measurement service are defined by ISO 15370: 2010 – Ships and marine technology – Low-location lighting (LLL) on passenger ships – Arrangement. This standard is of mandatory application because it supplements IMO Resolution A.752.

Ertecna, Lda. (the manufacturer of Everlux products) has the DNV Approval of Service Suppliers and therefore is a competent entity to perform PL LLL on board luminance tests. For information please send us an e-mail.