Safety signs graphic design transitions according to ISO 7010: 2011 and their applicability to the maritime market

ISO 7010: 2011, Graphic symbols – Safety colours and safety signs – Registered safety signs, specifies safety signs for the prevention of accidents, fire protection, health hazard information and emergency evacuation.

The graphic design elements of the signs prescribed by ISO 7010 are according to the guidelines laid by ISO 3864. More specifically, the color and shape are in accordance to ISO 3864-1 and the design of the symbols is in accordance to ISO 3864-3.

The importance and international recognition achieved by ISO 7010 has led CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, to adopt this standard as a European Norm: EN ISO 7010.

The Everlux Photoluminescent maritime safety signs catalogue has adopted the new design guidelines, provided by ISO 7010, immediately in 2011 when this standard was published. Even though ISO 7010: 2011 is applicable to all locations where safety issues related to people need to be addressed it is important to raise the point of its applicability in the maritime markets. In fact, in the Marine and Offshore sectors the IMO Resolutions and SOLAS Conventions, such as IMO Res. A654 (16), A.752 (18), A.760 (18), and A. 952 (23) and SOLAS Conventions chapter II – 2 Regulation amongst others, remain the prescriptive legislation for safety signs that are to be used in fire control, lifesaving equipment and escape markings. Thus, in the maritime markets ISO 7010: 2011 guidelines are to be used as a complementary standard documentation applicable on safety signs for hazard, mandatory action and prohibited action signs.

ISO 7010 has been developed to provide international design consistency in safety sign design and its implementation, in the 3 referred sign categories, will be highly valuable in the prevention of accidents at sea. As you may have already noticed some design changes have been introduced by ISO 7010:

We will keep on following up the development and evolution of all legislation and standardization on safety signs that are to be used in the Marine and Offshore sectors and will keep you updated on any relevant changes. Meanwhile, please refer to the Everlux catalogue in order to find all IMO and ISO compliant safety signs that will help you keep a safe environment for your crew and passengers onboard.