Everlux Maritime launches its brand-new catalogue

Everlux are proud to launch its brand-new catalogue for the marine and offshore market!

The official launch of this new catalogue will be done within the maritime community as it is being done at NaValia – a leading shipbuilding exhibition, where Everlux is exhibiting for the first time.

The catalogue features many new safety signs, including complete updated safety signage as per the latest editions of the IMPA Marine Stores Guidebook and the ISSA catalogue, new sign families such as the Damage Control Plan signs and an increased number of Excellence by Everlux Signs for Superyachts.

Inside the catalogue you will also find a long-awaited new product category: Everlux Retro-reflective Type II SOLAS Tapes.

Nonetheless, there are three main news that Everlux brings to the market with this catalogue:

- its modernised graphical image, where some classic elements of the previous editions such as the helm and compass have been ingeniously integrated
- a revised structure of the contents which are now aligned with the structure of IMO Resolution A.1116(30)
- the introduction of a new photoluminescent product with increased luminance properties (mcd/m² @ 10min/ mcd/m² @ 60min – Period of light decay in minutes – Colour code):



With its new graphical image, the Everlux Maritime catalogue is now an even more visual appealing publication which keeps all of its comprehensive technical and legislative content and therefore keeping its legacy as a reference resource in terms of safety signage solutions for ship chandlers, ship suppliers, marine outfitters, marine life-safety and fire safety service companies, shipyards, shipbuilders, ship-managers and shipowners.

Having the structure of the catalogue aligned with that of IMO Resolution A.1116(30) will help you to identify the signs that you need quicklier while simultaneously helping you to comply with the requirements now in force such as the use of new fire safety signage onboard:

S 22 07
S 22 48
S 22 63
S 22 91
S 23 56

S 22 27
S 22 58
S 22 68
S 23 01
S 23 66

With the new product with improved luminance properties, Everlux increases the quality standard available in the market and maintains the course in its aim of continuously contributing to the Safety of Life at Sea! 

This new product will be reaching the market after June 1st as all clients will be receiving it on orders supplied from that date onwards.


The paper version is already available as well and therefore if you are visiting NaValia, we encourage you to stop by the Everlux stand and pick up your copy. Otherwise, just send us a request and we will be delighted to ship a copy on your way!