Everlux Maritime at the helm of the Onboard Safety Conference

Evelux Maritime
is proud to announce that will be co-organizing the Onboard Safety Conference, a brand-new and innovative event that is focused on debating the present and the future of the maritime sector.

Keeping its strategy to contribute in the development of higher safety standards in the maritime sector, Everlux Maritime and its co-organizer CEDROS (a reference company in Portugal in the training and consultancy fields, both onshore and offshore) decided to found the Onboard Safety Conference.

Everlux Maritime and CEDROS aim to contribute to the safety at sea, gathering the most known specialists and professionals - as well as the important players of the industry in Portugal and overseas -, in one place to debate relevant subjects and the latest trends on safety, prevention and training at sea.

The first conference will take place at CEDROS facilities in Palmela, Portugal, on November 23rd, having as its general motto "Shipyards: Shipbuilding for the New Economy of the Seas - Safety of Shipyard Workers and of Crew and Passengers On-Board New Vessels”.

Within the next year, the Onboard Safety Conference will have 2 more events, in April and November of 2024, one dedicated to the debate on the opportunities, challenges and requirements of "Offshore Wind Farms” and the other focusing on "The National Ocean Strategy 2021-2030”.

This event will be, for certain, a reference in Portugal, but also in the Portuguese Speaking African Countries (PSAC), as well as in Brazil and in the Spanish speaking countries, such as Spain and Latin America.

November 23rd marks the beginning of what Everlux expects will be an amazing journey for the years ahead for the Onboard Safety Conference and the safety and prevention in the maritime sector. On that day, professionals and all interested parties will be given the opportunity to learn more about how shipyards are preparing for these new opportunities, to share their own know-how and to network.  

If you are interested, follow the Onboard Safety Conference social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube; or visit the events’ website, here